Spectrum Planning

Spectrum Planning



The Authority is required to develop a National Spectrum Plan in order to regulate the use of the spectrum in accordance with the Telecommunications Act (2001), Sections 41 (2), (3) & (4), which state:

    41 (2) The Authority shall develop a spectrum plan in order to regulate the use of spectrum.



         (3)The National Spectrum Plan shall be made available to the public in the manner prescribed by the Authority.



         (4) The National Spectrum Plan shall state how the spectrum shall be used and the procedures for licensing frequency bands.



The Authority has therefore developed a document entitled, “the National Spectrum Plan (NSP)”, which provides a framework for regulating the use of spectrum and allowing its efficient use in an orderly manner. The NSP serves as an umbrella document for the various Spectrum Plans, commencing with the Trinidad and Tobago Frequency Allocation Table (TTFAT) that will govern the use of the national spectrum resource for specific radio services and/or public telecommunications networks and services. The Spectrum Plans that have been developed are: