Strategic Plan



A leading ICT regulator, enabling an empowered and connected society.



Developing a dynamic, progressive ICT environment, through efficient service delivery, to foster quality, affordable services; together with innovative and sustainable businesses in the emerging digital economy.


Core Values



Fresh thinking, imaginative and consistently creative introduction of new and original ideas.



Ongoing dedication and allegiance to the stated cause for a better future.



Cohesive, sound, unwavering principles, character, honour and morals in all things, regardless



A standard of knowledge, experience, skill and mastery in all vocations and fields of endeavor



A standard of contribution to the welfare of others, through devoted and dedicated action and attitudes.

TATT's Strategic Plan Summary 2019-2022


The Authority’s third three (3) year planning period came to a close in September 2019 and as such, a new Strategic Plan for the period 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2022 has been developed to guide the operations of the organization. The following excerpt contains key areas within the Authority’s Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

Strategic Plan Summary 2019-2022

The National ICT Plan (2018-2022) - the ICT Blueprint


The National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Plan of Trinidad and Tobago for the period 2018-2022, branded as the ICT Blueprint, is comprised of a comprehensive system of strategies, initiatives, programmes and projects which build upon the initial Fastforward plan (2003-2008) – which focused on ‘connectivity’ – and its successor smarTT (2014-2018), where focus was shifted to uptake and usage. Although, the underlying themes in the continuum of national ICT plans are directed at leveraging the power of people by harnessing the power of ICT, the ICT Blueprint focuses primarily on the following five strategic themes:


  1. Improving connectivity
  2. Increasing Human Capacity
  3. Digital Government
  4. Fostering Economic Development
  5. Advancing Environmental and Societal Benefits


Based on these strategic themes, the Authority is recognized by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as one of the driving agencies for the implementation of the ICT Blueprint. With this in mind, the Authority is directly responsible for some of the programme and projects outlined in the plan. Additionally, the overall vision, strategic themes and targets of the ICT Blueprint guide the Authority’s policy formulation process and regulatory efforts in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in Trinidad and Tobago.

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