Vision, Mission and Core Values


A global exemplar in telecommunications and broadcasting regulation.


To foster an open and competitive telecommunications and broadcasting environment to facilitate the use of ICTs for social and economic well-being.


Core Values

We are loyal to the organization.
We are ambassadors of the organization.
We are dedicated to the interests of the organization.


We are honest, objective and fair in all matters.
We are accountable for our actions.
We respect the value and confidentiality of our customers’ information.


We are open to new ideas.
We seek creative solutions to meet the challenges of our work.
We effectively implement innovative ideas.
We utilise a proactive approach to our changing environment.


We respect and value the contributions of all persons.
We are committed to achieving excellence.
We recognize the importance of team work.
We are productive, efficient and timely in our work.
We continually seek to acquire expert knowledge.

Service Excellence

We promote and protect the interests of our consumers.
We recognise the different interests of our customers and are responsive to their needs.
We recognize the importance of team work.
We effectively engage all our stakeholders.