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Consumer and Broadcast Complaints Statistics 2018
Created by tatthost on 9/23/2019 11:35:40 AM

Consumer Complaints

During the period July 1st 2018, to September 30th 2018, TATT received and acted upon a total of one hundred and forty-six (146) consumer complaints regarding mobile, fixed line, subscription television and Internet services. Of this figure, a total of one hundred and thirty-four (134) complaints have been resolved as at March 6, 2019.

Most of the twelve (12) open consumer complaints were received near the end of September 2018 and are expected to be resolved within the coming weeks.

Overall, TATT had one thousand, one hundred and four (1104) interactions with customers during the reporting period.

Broadcast Content Complaints

During the same period, TATT received and acted upon twelve (12) broadcast content complaints. Ten (10) were related to radio, whilst two (2) related to television. Ten (10) of the twelve (12) complaints were resolved. The other two (2) complaints received were considered invalid for the following reasons:




(i)   One of those complaints was made after a significant amount of time had elapsed subsequent to the date of the broadcast; and outside the retention period of the recording.
(ii) In the other instance, details provided by the complainant proved to be inconsistent with the broadcast.

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