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Comsumer Complaints Statistics 2017
Created by tatthost on 9/23/2019 12:24:52 PM

Report on Consumer Complaints received by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) from October 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017

During the period October 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017, TATT received and acted upon a total of one hundred and seventy- five (175) complaints regarding mobile, fixed line, subscription television and Internet services. Of this figure, a total of one hundred and thirty-eight (138) complaints have been resolved.

The majority of the thirty-seven (37) open complaints were received near the end of December 2017 and are expected to be resolved within the coming weeks.

Overall, TATT had over six hundred and sixty-eight (668) interactions with customers during the reporting period.

The statistics below relate to the resolution of complaints as at March 7th, 2018.
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