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TATT Signs Agreement with Agence Nationale Des Fraquences (France)
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TATT represented Trinidad and Tobago at the ITU Regional Frequency Coordination for Central America and the Caribbean, which comprised four meetings between March 2017 and September 2018. The purpose of the meetings was to build informal consensus between the Administrations in the coordination area, on planned digital television channel assignments in the VHF and UHF bands, taking into account compatibilities with operating broadcasting and mobile stations. The meetings ended with an agreement between the Administrations. The agreement included a reference list of coordinated and agreed channel assignments for the Administrations.


During the final meeting held in Belize City from 11th – 14th September 2018, representatives of TATT and the Agence Nationale Des Fraquences (ANF), held coordination discussions on Trinidad and Tobago’s digital requirements for stations that potentially cause harmful interference to stations in the French Overseas Departments in the Region. These discussions resulted in the successful coordination and addition of said digital requirements to the reference list. This successful coordination was subsequently ratified in a formal coordination agreement between TATT and ANF titled Agreement between the administrations of France and Trinidad and Tobago on the use of the VHF band (174-216 MHz) and the UHF band (470-698 MHz) for terrestrial broadcasting.    


TATT’s involvement in the coordination exercise and the agreement with ANF, moves Trinidad and Tobago one step closer to the transition to digital terrestrial television, as both the temporary channel assignments for use during the transition (simulcast) and permanent channel assignments that will be used after the analog switch-off has been recorded in the reference list. These channel assignments are now protected, as any notification to ITU with frequencies not on the reference list must ensure compatibility with assignments in the reference list.

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