Girls in ICT Day 2021- Tech4Girls

Connecting Girls, Creating Brighter Futures!


“Tech4Girls: Connecting Girls, Creating Brighter Futures!” is a virtual e-commerce workshop on how to design, set-up and manage a business on Shopify. Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform used in Trinidad and Tobago that is affordable, offers great support and has a prolific and active online community.

The online e-commerce workshop using Shopify allows young female entrepreneurs to develop their business online. It also provides an avenue for additional revenue whereby these female entrepreneurs can commercialise their ICT skill set developed in the workshop.

The “Tech4Girls: Connecting Girls, Creating Brighter Futures!” workshop is intended to encourage and empower to innovate on their own.

This workshop is a working collaboration among TATT, CANTO, GSMA (in partnership with Verizon), Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation (MPADT), Restore A Sense of I Can (RSC) and Tobago Information Technologies Limited (TITL) and other great partners.

Please download the Application Form here.

The Deadline to apply is Wednesday 14th, April 2021.

For queries, please submit all questions or comments to .