Submission of Information

Submission of Information

All qualifying entries must include the following:

    INTRODUCTION (50 words or less).
    SUMMARY (What you did and why, in 350 words or less).
    RESULTS (Show evidence, in under 350 words).
    SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (Supporting documents can include up to two testimonials).

When working on your submissions, please remember that the judges will place value on:

    INNOVATION: Did you develop or implement something that was truly game changing in the industry?
What feature or characteristic of your product, service, etc. distinguishes it from
       others of a similar nature and/or makes it more appealing?
Can you prove it? Sales, revenue market share or consumer uptake. Statistics count!
Judges love testimonials. There is nothing more powerful or persuasive than someone else saying your
       product or service is great. 

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