TBI Frequently Asked Questions



During our recent calls to concessionaires with regard to their submissions for the TBI Awards, TATT received a number of requests for an extension of the deadline for submitting nominations, amongst other queries.

Concessionaires are hereby advised of the following responses to those queries:

1.    Extension of the Deadline
          a.    An extension is being granted to all concessionaires to submit their nominations by Friday, November 15, 2019 to

          b.    No further extension can be granted since the only available date for hosting the awards ceremony is Saturday,
                 December 7, 2019
and there is a two-week minimum timeframe for the independent panel of expert judges to


2.    Who can Submit
          a.    All concessionaires of telecommunications and broadcasting services can submit.  As a rule of thumb, the awards
                 categories are based on the concessionaires’ service offerings in the telecommunications and/or broadcasting
                 sectors and do not include other business operations that are not regulated by TATT.  Each category has its
                 guiding principles and submissions should be made in accordance with these. 

3.    Testimonials
          a.    TATT will allow audio and video testimonials. In the case of audio, such testimonials shall be no longer than two
                 minutes and should be submitted via a small file not exceeding 10Mb, in an easily readable format such as
                 MP3/MP4; in the case of video, a link to a downloadable  showreel of not more than two minutes’ footage should
                 be submitted.

          b.    The video link and audio files are to be submitted by email to the TBI Awards email account: awards@tatt.org.tt.

          c.    You may submit no more than one audio or video testimonial per entry and, if a video testimonial is used, you are
                  allowed to submit only one written testimonial for that entry, which should not exceed three pages.

          d.    Social media endorsements will be accepted as a part of your testimonials.

          e.    Where a broadcasting concessionaire is making a submission under any category and wishes to combine evidence
                  of their contribution across various programmes, to better showcase their contribution, they may do so. The
                  same is applicable to Telecommunications concessionaires.

TATT warmly thanks all concessionaires for their interest and participation in the TBI Awards initiative.


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