Number Portability



Mobile Number Portability now available at a Provider near you!





The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) is pleased to announce that Number Portability has been implemented and is now available at a provider near you.





Telephone consumers now have the choice to change their telephone service providers without changing their numbers. 




Consumers – can now keep their telephone identities (their phone numbers) whilst benefitting from easier access to other service provider packages, without the need to advise friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients that their telephone numbers have changed.
Mobile porting, or moving a telephone number from one service provider to another, can occur on any pre-paid or post-paid mobile registered number that is not currently barred or suspended from making outgoing calls.  
Before you port you must pay all outstanding bills and contractual charges before making the porting request; otherwise the porting request will be rejected.


Porting as Easy as 123!


All you need to do from October 31st 2016 is:         


1. Visit the provider you want to move to in order to request a port.

2. Complete the Porting Request Form; and wait up to three (3) days for porting to take place (you will be required to validate your request  by texting the word PORT to the number 9PORT (97678) from the number being ported).

3. Enjoy your new service!



Whilst waiting to port consumers will be able to use their current provider’s service. Consumers will be liable to pay for the usage of that service between the initiation of the port request and when the port is finalised.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Signing of Number Portability Agreement

In this photo: Mr Cris Seecheran, Chief Executive Officer - TATT (center right) shakes hands with Charles Carter EVP Legal, Regulatory, Carrier Services and Corporate Secretary TSTT at the signing of the Number Portability agreement with PortingXS at the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.   

Looking on are: (from left) Kirk Rudder, Manager Value Added Services, Massy Communications Limited; Peter Gillette, Chairman, Open Telecom; Mr. Ronald Vlasman Chief Executive Officer, Porting XS, B.V. Chief Operations Officer, Fiachra Groarke, Digicel (Trinidad &Tobago) Limited; Narissa Mustapha General Manager; Lisa Communications Limited; Brian Collins, Managing Director Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited.