Radio and TV


Under the Telecommunications Act, (The Act), the Authority is responsible for, among other things:

The orderly development of a telecommunications system that serves to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the national, social, cultural and economic well being of the society
Promoting and protecting the interests of the public
Regulation of broadcasting services consistently with the constitution

In pursuit of the responsibilities, the Authority has established a Procedures for handling Broadcasting Complaints.


Consumers of Radio and Television who are concerned about offensive content can therefore complain to the Authority, who will investigate the matter and administer legally enforceable sanctions against the broadcaster.

In addition, the Act stipulates that

No person shall operate a public telecommunications network or provide a public telecommunications or broadcasting service without a concession granted by the Minister
No person shall establish operate or use a radiocommunication service, or install operate or use any radiotransmitting equipment without a licence granted by the Authority.