List of Television Broadcasters

Television Broadcasters

Free-to-Air Television
  Advance Community Television Network Limited (ACTS25) - Major - Territorial

C.C.N. Television Limited (CCN TV6) - National

Caribbean New Media Group Limited (C TV) - National
Government Information Services Limited - National

Guardian Media Limited (CNC3) - National

Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - National

Television Broadcasting Service via Cable

  Central Broadcasting Services Limited - National
  Darut Tarbiyah - National
  Environmental Management Authority - National
  Gayelle - National
  IBN Communications Company Limited - National
  Ice Media Group Limited - National
  Living Water Community - National
  Sankhya Television Limited - National
  Synergy Entertainment Network Limited - Major Territorial
  Video Associates Limited - National

Subscription Television Broadcasters

Air Link Communications - Niche - Princes Town and Environs

Columbus Communications Trinidad (Flow) Limited - National

Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Limited (Digicel Play) - National

DirecTV Limited - National
  NOVO Communications Limited (formerly Diversified Technologies Limited) - Niche - Penal and Environs

Green Dot Limited - National

Independent Cable Network of Trinidad and Tobago (ICNTT) – Major Territorial

Massy Communications Limited - National

Network Technologies Limited (Mayaro Cable TV) – Niche – Mayaro and Guayaguayare
  Open Telecom Limited - National

RVR International Limited – National
  Santa Flora Cable Network Ltd - Niche - Santa Flora and Environs

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (Blink Entertainment TV) - National

TRICO Industries Limited – Minor Territorial