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September 2012

 Computers, Internet and opportunity for rural T&T

When we think of information and communication technologies (ICTs) it’s normally in the context of urban environments where tech savvy people use advanced devices for work and pleasure – but what about the rural areas?

Persons who live in rural communities can and should enjoy the many benefits that ICTs can offer. That is the guidingprinciple behind TATT’s “ICTs for Rural Development” programme.

Mr. Bryan Rodriguez of the deaf empowerment organization is presented with equipment by Mr. Cris Seecheran.
Mr. Bryan Rodriguez of the deaf empowerment organization is presented with equipment by Mr. Cris Seecheran.

Launched in May 2011, the programme was developed to award nine non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in rural communities with up to $30,000 worth of ICT equipment and/or services to improve the lives of residents.

TATT widely advertised the programme in the press and after a rigorous evaluation process nine NGO’s were chosen.

The projects include the provision of ICTs to improve diabetes awareness and the development of sign language video productions for the hearing impaired amongst others. Apart from the $30,000 TATT also plans to award an additional
$25,000 to one project selected as making the best use of ICTs for community enhancement. The selection will be made after an assessment of all projects.

TATT’s “ICT’s for Rural Development” was created as part of World Telecommunications and Information Society
Day (WTISD) 2011 activities. Every year the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) chooses a different
theme for WTISD and member organisations develop related activities in keeping with that theme. The theme for 2011 was “Better Life in Rural Communities with ICTs.” Cris Seecheran, Chief Executive Officer of TATT speaking
at the launch explained, “The nature of the projects was left up to the creativity and ingenuity of the NGOs as they are
the ones, along with residents of the particular communities, best suited to identify the developmental needs of their communities which can be met through the use of ICTs.”

TATT is extremely pleased with the quality of the respective projects.  

Revival Centre receives equipment
Mr. Rawle Harvey of TATT presents Micheal and Ann Marie Jeremy of Roxborough Revival Centre with equipment



The Toco Foundation Limited
Location- Victoria Pritchard Resource Centre, Galera Road, Toco
Project Description- Offering Internet access to Toco residents primarily for educational/ research purposes

Trinidad and Tobago
Amateur Radio League
Location- Venado Government School
Project Description- Provision of wireless Internet access to the Brasso Venado Government School via a point to point backhaul radio link 


Roxborough Revival Centre
Location- Prince Street, Roxborough, Tobago
Project Description- Provision of computers and basic computer literacy training to the members of the Roxborough Community

Steven Edwards Productions
Location- Guaico Government
Primary School
Project Description- The use of theatre and the arts as a preventative and rehabilitative tool by at risk young persons in the Guaico area











Gift for Life Foundation
Location- # 35 Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas
Project Description- Provision of computerequipment and Internet access to 5 Children’s Homes

Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation
Location- Roxborough, Tobago
Project Description- The use of ICT’s to optimise community diabetes prevention and education

Roxborough Culinary Arts Centre
Location- Roxborough Multipurpose Youth Centre
Project Description- The establishment of an Information Technology Centre for primary school students from Belle Garden to Dellaford











Habitat for Humanity
Location- Patraj Trace, El Soccorro Ext, San Juan, Trinidad
Project Description- The provision of training in computer use with a focus in Microsoft Office

Deaf Empowerment Organisation
of Trinidad and Tobago
Location- Mt. Lambert
Project Description- Video Production of weekly online 20 minute segments of news prepared in sign language