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September 2012

Public education Initiatives

Fyzabad Anglican Secondary School visits TATT

Students listen to cyber secucrity lecture
Students listen attentively to Mr. Curtis Seegobin during the ctber security workshop

On July 5th 2012, TATT hosted a one-day event filled with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) related activities for the form 5 Information Technology class of Fyzabad Anglican Secondary School. 
Twenty-five students and three teachers enjoyed the seminars which were facilitated by Mr. Curtis Seegobin, Mr. Balchan Gunness and Mr. Harrinath Sawh from the Technical Services Department. The seminars included a brief overview of TATT’s core functions, a cyber-security workshop where the students learned about protecting themselves in cyberspace and a detailed examination of TATT’s server room and mobile unit, which is utilised to monitor spectrum usage. 


Each student was able to gain knowledge of the present and future status of telecommunications and broadcasting in Trinidad and Tobago. Students and teachers were appreciative of the information they received and expressed gratitude, promising to share the information gained with fellow students. The day ended with a farewell from Mrs.

Students listen ot a lecture
Mr. Bal Gunness gives insight nto the role and function of TATT

 Cheryl Johnson, Manager –Communications, who thanked the students for participating in the event and hoped that the information accessed will be useful to them when choosing their career path.


 Rhand Credit Union interns visit TATT

Twelve young people visited the offices of TATT as part of a six-week internship hosted by Rhand Credit Union, titled “Rhand 2012 Summer Internship Programme.”
The initiative exposes students to the many activities of the credit union.
TATT was pleased to accommodate the visit on Friday July 27, 2012. The field trip included a technical presentation which demonstrated how information and communication technologies (ICTs) are used in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors of Trinidad and Tobago. The interns also participated in a cyber security workshop and careers in ICTs seminar.
RHAND Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited, in keeping with its philosophy “People Helping People,” hosts a wide range of social and cultural events on a yearly basis.

students listen to lecture
 Mr. Harrinath Sawh of TATT points out to the interns some interesting information about antennae.


Students look up at spectrum monitoring equipment


 Rhand Credit Union interns peer up at the antenna of one of TATT’s mobile spectrum monitoring units during the visit on July 27.
This mobile unit is one component of TATT’s Advanced Automated Spectrum Management System (AASMMS) which is used for spectrum management.
The full system consists of fixed and mobile units, equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and is used to ensure effective and efficient use of radio frequency spectrum. This is necessary to ensure that the heavy demands by consumers for a wide range of ICT devices can be met.
TATT uses the equipment to verify that the radio frequency spectrum is used in the manner authorised by the Authority and to resolve spectrum conflicts such as harmful interference issues amongst authorised (licensed) users.


TATT participates in Public Services Week 2012

The Ministry of Public Administration held its Open House Forum from June 18- 23, 2012 at the Brian Lara

Minister and Permanent Secretary
Minister Seepersad-Bachan and P.S. MacIntyre visit the TATT booth in San Fernando

Promenade, Port of Spain and on June 20th 2012 at Harris Promenade, San Fernando.
The five day event was part of the Ministry’s Public Services Week 2012 activities, which commemorated World Public Service Day. Internationally, World Public Services Day is celebrated annually on June 23rd, 2012. On the final day, the public was able to participate in a career fair which exhibited a wide range of employment opportunities available within the public sector.
TATT hosted a booth at the fair which gave visitors information on employment opportunities within the Authority.
The Honorable Minister Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, Minister of Public Administration, welcomed all those who took part in the event and thanked them for participating in the journey from “Gold to Diamond,” its official theme.



Lincoln Robinson speaks to the public
Mr. Lincoln Robinson of TATT speaks with a member of the public.


Bal Gunness  talks to the public
Mr. Balchan Gunness speaks to the crowd in front of the TATT booth.