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December 2012

Figure 4 shows consumer complaints received by TATT during the period October 1st 2011 to September 30th 2012

Section 18 (1) (m) of the Telecommunications Act gives the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago the power to:

Investigate complaints by users, operators of telecommunications networks, providers of telecommunications and broadcasting services or other persons arising out of the operation of a public telecommunications network, or the provision of a telecommunications service or broadcasting service, in respect of rates, billings and services provided generally and to facilitate relief where necessary.

Consumers of telecommunications and subscription broadcasting services who are dissatisfied with the outcome of complaints lodged with their service providers may lodge their complaints through TATT's Consumer Complaint process. The services referred to are:

  • Fixed-line telephone
  • Mobile telephone
  • Internet (Dial up and Broadband)
  • Cable television (non-content related complaints)
  • Satellite television (non-content related complaints)
  • Data services (e.g. private or leased line services)

Complaints may be made to TATT by the following means:

  • via its toll free number 800-TATT
  • by completing, signing and submitting a consumer complaint form via fax, post, email or by hand
  • via letter or email.
  • via TATT's website
Total nature of complaints
Figure 5 shows the nature of complaints received during the period October 1st 2011 and September 30th 2012


Telecommunications and Broadcasting by the Numbers


Table 1 provides a list of the number of concessions granted, authorised concessionaires and the number of providers operational in the various markets as at December 2011.

 Table 1: Number of Concessions, Concessionaires and Operators as at December 2011
Concessions, Concessionaires, Operators

In addition to the concessions, under Section 36 of the Telecommunications Act 2001, TATT is authorized and responsible for the granting of licences. In accordance with these legislative powers, for the period January to December 2011, TATT granted a total of 321 licences.

Table 2: Number of Licences Granted for the period January to December 2011
Licences Granted