Applying for Equipment Certification


To apply for Equipment Certification, the folowing steps can be taken:


Equipment Certification



Get your Radio Product/Equipment Certified Before it Reaches a Port of Entry!

To apply for an equipment certificate for radiocommunication (radio) equipment to be used in Trinidad and Tobago, visit the Equipment Standardization and Certification page on the Authority’s website and download the Equipment Certification Application Form.

1)   Complete the form(s), scan or obtain a softcopy of the required attachments, and email all to  

NOTE: Signing of the application form(s) will not be required for submission.

NOTE: Certification of radio equipment already held in Customs or at a port of entry must be explicitly stated in the email to the Authority, if applicable.

The Authority will respond to the emailed application with instructions for collection/delivery of the equipment certificate.

Any queries related to obtaining an equipment certificate/certifying radio equipment can be emailed to