Procedure for PwDs to Receive an Assistive Device


1.    Participants must call the Authority’s offices to schedule an appointment. There is also the

       option to apply online, without the need for appointment.



              Phone, Text or WhatsApp: 688-8363 or 688-8136 (Trinidad)

                                                                                  722-1274 or 722-1502 (Tobago)


2.    On the date of the appointment, the PwD will be required to submit a completed application



       For online applications, the application can be filled out and sent electronically
       (eg. via Email or WhatsApp).

          Click for PWDs Universal Service Initiative Application Form


3.    The PwD will also be required to submit the following documents to the Authority:


                 Copy of national photo identification.


                 Copy of most recent disability grant, public assistance grant or senior citizens’ pension

                   (if paid via cheque).


                 Copy of evidence of visual or hearing disability (medical report or doctor’s certificate).

                   This is not required for disability grant recipients.


       For online applications, these copies can be sent electronically

       eg. via email to or

       WhatsApp: 688-8363 or 688-8136 (Trinidad)

                           722-1274 or 722-1502 (Tobago)


4.    The Authority will validate the eligibility of the applicant by verifying their information with

       the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.


5.    The Authority, upon its satisfaction that all the criteria have been met, will approve

       the application and issue an authorisation letter to the applicant.


       For online applications, the authorization letter will be sent electronically (eg. via Email or

       WhatsApp) and via Mail.


6.    The applicant will submit the original authorisation letter to his preferred service provider at

       an authorised location and proceed to choose an assistive device.


7.    The applicant will be required to pay the retailer any outstanding amounts (10% of the first

       TTD $600 or any amounts in excess of the approved threshold).