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Regulating the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors in Trinidad and Tobago

Universal Service Initiative Project Proposal for Persons with Disabilities

This project aims to provide mobile devices with assistive features, at a subsidised cost, for all persons with disabilities (PwDs) inclusive of the visually impaired and hearing-impaired, who receive specified government grants from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services or National Insurance Board. The Authority proposes to subsidise up to TTD $600 of the cost of the device.


To improve the existing modes of Internet access and access to online services provided by GoRTT’s National Wi-Fi initiative and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). To advance the goals of Trinidad and Tobago’s National ICT Plan ICT Blueprint 2018 – 2022 (the National ICT Plan), which is aligned with the Vision 2030 plan of GoRTT, deployment of public Wi-Fi coverage will be undertaken thereby improving connectivity related to enhancing ICT infrastructure. access service commonly available in well-served areas.

Contractual Universal Service Initiative – broadband Internet access infrastructure development in St. John’s Parish, Tobago

The project aims to deploy telecommunications access infrastructure to facilitate the provision of broadband Internet access service via a fibre-to-the-home network in the St. John’s Parish, Tobago. The communities included are Parlatuvier, Bloody Bay and L’Anse Fourmi. Upon completion, residents will be able to subscribe to affordable broadband Internet access service commonly available in well-served areas.

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Current Statistics

% Mobile Internet Penetration per 100 Inhabitants


% Fixed Internet Penetration per 100 Households


% Mobile Voice Penetration per 100 Inhabitants


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