Price Regulation

The following link lists the Telecommunications and Broadcasting services provided by authorised concessionaires in Trinidad and Tobago which includes:

Price Regulation Framework for Telecommunications Services in Trinidad and Tobago

Draft Telecommunications (Pricing) Regulations

In a competitive market place, the forces of supply and demand will lead to an economically efficient equilibrium at optimal prices. However, when these competitive forces are insufficiently developed, the free market mechanism may fail to facilitate these optimal outcomes. It is hence necessary to intervene in such instances, in order to provide the regulatory support needed to correct such market failures.

In this context, the Authority has developed, and consulted upon, a Price Regulation Framework for Telecommunications Services in Trinidad and Tobago. This Framework has informed the development of Draft (Telecommunications) Pricing Regulations, made under Section 29 of the Telecommunication Act, which form a vital part of the regulatory framework for the domestic telecommunications sector. In particular, Section 29 (2) of the Act specifies various scenarios in which the Authority may be required to implement a regime of price regulation.

On March 5th 2009, the Authority submitted the Draft Telecommunications (Pricing) Regulations to the Minister of Public Administration in accordance 78 of the Telecommunications Act (‘the Act’), which requires that the Regulations be made by the Minister subject to negative resolution of Parliament. The Telecommunications (Pricing) Regulations will provide the legal provisions to implement the Price Regulation Framework.

The Price Regulation Framework and the Pricing Regulations hence form an important element in the Authority’s regulatory toolkit, which will ultimately allow for the effective maximization of social welfare, and the achievement of the objectives set out in Section 3 of the Telecommunications Act of 2001. The public will be advised when the Regulations come into force.

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