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Apply for a Licence

Applicants are required to download the PDF version of the Form and complete and submit to the Authority or submit via the website with the associated attachments. The applicant may collect a hard copy of the form at the Authority’s offices.

All applicable sections of the Form must be completed in accordance with the instructions specified.

All relevant documents must be submitted in accordance with the Submission Checklist.

Aeronautical Radiocommunications System -TS-AE
Land Mobile Radiocommunications System -TS-LM
Marine Coast Station Radiocommunications System – TS-CS
Maritime Radiocommunications System -TS-MA
Point-to-Multipoint Radiocommunications System -TS-PM
Point-to-Point Radiocommunications System -TS-PP
Registration Form Class Licence Devices – Form R-CL
Satellite Earth Station Radiocommunications System – TS-SS
Radiocommunications Licence Application – Form L1
Amateur Radio Licence Application Form – Form L2
Application Form for Home Network Identity – Form HNI-01
Notification Form for Home Network Identity – Form HNI-02
Application Letter for Renewal of an Individual Radiocommunication Licence
Company Licence Renewal Template
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