Consultations The process of consultation is a cornerstone of the Authority’s operations

It is reflective of the Authority’s prioritization of the promotion of transparency and participation. Given the pervasive role of telecommunications and broadcasting services in the lives of all members of civil society, it is necessary to provide all stakeholders with opportunities to participate in the in the Authority’s regulatory processes.

Specifically, Section 18 (2)(4) of the Telecommunications Act of 2001, states that the Authority “shall adopt procedures by which it will: (a) afford interested parties and the public opportunities for consultation; (and) (b) permit affected persons and the public to make appropriate submissions to the Authority.”

The Authority has hence developed its Procedures for Consultation, which allow all relevant stakeholders to contribute the development of the Authority’s Policies and Regulations. These procedures currently provide for various phases of consultation, after which, the comments received are collated and responded to in a Decisions on Recommendations matrix. Interested parties may make submission on any consultative document by using a Consultation Comment Submission Form.

The Table of Consultative Documents outlines various documents which have undergone or are currently undergoing consultation, and the status of each respective document.

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