Class Licence

A class licence may apply to the following radiocommunication devices where appropriate:

Schedule of Devices Eligible for Use under a Class Licence

Procedures for Equipment Certification for the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors

Registration Form for Class Licences

Class Licensing Regime

• End-user devices or customer premise equipment (Category 1 Devices);
• Base Stations (Category 2 Devices); and
• Fixed Stations (Category 3 Devices).

In determining what devices should be eligible for class licensing, the Authority shall give consideration to the following:

  • Maximum effective radiated power (ERP)/ effective isotropic. radiated power (EIRP);
  • Frequency range of operation of the device;
  • Potential for the device to cause harmful interference to all other station and spectrum licencees;
  • The extent to which the device is available in the market or ‘off-the shelf’; and
  • International best practices in respect of the licensing of the respective device.

The Authority maintains a Schedule of Devices eligible for use under a Class Licence, which identifies those devices for which class licensing shall apply, and contains the required technical operating parameters for all devices listed.

In the event that the radiocommunications device you might wish to use does not appear on the Schedule of Devices eligible for use under a Class Licence, please apply to certify the device by completing and submitting an Equipment Certification Application Form to the Authority.

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