About Us

Consumer Complaints Committee

The CCC Charter establishes its powers, objectives, structure, and operations.

The Consumer Complaints Handling Procedures give context and direction to ensure the:

  • Fair and reasonable investigation of complaints.
  • Decision-making process.
  • Resolution of matters raised in the complaints.

The Consumer Complaints Committee was established in accordance with Section 18 (1) (q) of the Telecommunications Act (the Act) and is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Currently, the members of the Consumer Complaints Committee are:

Mrs. Pamella Benson
Independent Chairman
Mrs. Cynthia Reddock Downes
Chief Executive Officer of the Authority
Dr. Nicole Reis
Corporate Secretary, and Secretary of the Committee
Mr. Rhondall Feeles
Member of the Board of Directors of the Authority
Ms. Sherry Mc Millan
Executive Officer, Corporate Communications

The Purpose of the CCC is to:

Collect, decide on and report on consumer complaints, such reports to be included in the Authority’s annual report in accordance with Section 18 (1) (q) of the Act, excluding complaints related to broadcast content.

Provide a structured and inclusive approach to the resolution of complaints from consumers of public Telecommunication and Broadcasting Services.

Contribute to the development of quality consumer service in the public Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors.

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