2013 LRAIC Forms



The changes reflected in these forms relate to concessionaires operating cable TV and FWA networks.

For the CCA data request, the relevant cable TV concessionaires are requested to provide further details on the transmission infrastructure assets installed in their network, both in terms of types of assets and where these assets are installed.
The relevant concessionaires are further requested to provide information on the duct assets – in particular, the relevant share of ducts relating to the core and access network.
For the LRAIC data request, guidance to FWA operators and cable TV operators are included in the Annex. Accordingly, the transmission allocation and access allocation sheets are updated.



LRAIC Data Request Guidelines  
LRAIC Data Request (Excel)  
CCA Data Request Guidelines  
CCA Data Request (Excel)   




Concession Forms and Instruction Guides


The Authority wishes to advise that the following documents were revised and are now available for download:


Revised Documents:

    C10 Form – To apply for New Concessions
    C11 Form  - To apply for Renewal of Concessions
    C12 Form – To apply for Changes of Control / Transfers of Concessions


Some of the revisions to the C10, C11 and C12 Forms include:
1.     The removal of all footnotes for a more customer-friendly appearance.
2.     Larger fonts throughout for ease of visibility and comprehension.
3.     A Company Stamp provision on the Declaration and Signature Section at the end.
4.     A requirement to submit in writing a list of persons authorized to sign on behalf of the company, along with each application.


New Documents:

Applicants now have access to Instruction and General Information guides, which offer details on how to complete each of the application Forms as follows:

    C10 Instruction and General Information Guide
    C11 Instruction and General Information Guide
    C12 Instruction and General Information Guide


Please note that only the completed C10, C11 and C12 Forms are required for submission of Concession applications. The Instruction and General Information Guides are not required to be submitted along with any application.


Forms and Instructions:

 Concession Application Form (C10)
 Concession Application Form (C10) Instructions
 Concession Renewal Application Form (C11)
 Concession Renewal Application Form (C11) Instructions
 Application Form for Change of Control/Transfer of Concession (C12)
 Application Form for Change of Control/Transfer of Concession (C12) Instructions