Apply for a Licence

Apply for A Licence

Instructions for applying for a licence

Licence Application Forms can be submitted on-line or via e-mail.

Please note that a printed copy of the submitted Licence Application Form must be signed and submitted to the Authority, together with the relevant application fee, before the application can be processed.


A valid application for a licence (except for an Amateur Licence application) would consist of a completed L1 Form to which must be appended the relevant TS Form, all supporting documents, and the relevant application fee.


An applicant may apply for multiple licences at the same time, by completing a single L1 Form and attaching multiple TS forms, one for each radiocommunications station or service to be licensed.

Each radiocommunication station or service requires a separate licence and should be submitted on an individual TS application Form.
An application for an Amateur Licence would consist of a completed L2 Form with supporting documents.
Applications will not be accepted without payment of the relevant application fees in respect of all applications being made. Accordingly, where multiple applications are being made by including multiple TS Forms under cover of a single L1 Form, the relevant fee must be paid in respect of each TS Form submitted.
Applications will not be accepted unless all mandatory fields are completed on the Form(s).

Applications will not be accepted unless all information provided on the application forms is clear and legible.


Application for the renewal of an existing licence granted by the Authority should be made by way of a letter requesting renewal, which letter must be submitted no later than three months before expiration of the existing licence, accompanied by payment of application fees in respect of each licence for which renewal is requested in the letter.

These forms are the property of the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and must not be altered without the express written consent of the Authority
Amateur Radio Licence Application Form (Form L2) 

Radiocommunications Licence Application Form (Form L1)


Payments can be made through any of the following options:

1. At TATT’s offices in Barataria and Tobago.
2. Online direct to the TATT Bank Account at First Citizens, San Juan Branch Account #1388147.

In person at any branch of First Citizens #1388147.

4. Via online credit card payment by sending an email to  confirming customer name,  particular of the payment and amount to be paid.  TATT will then send an email with the link to make the payment. 


Customers are to email the bank receipt / copy of cheque to with the file reference number/call sign if applicable when using  options 2 and 3 above.


Category 2 devices that are for public indoor or outdoor use and Category 3 devices, identified in the Schedule of Devices eligible for use under a Class Licence, must be registered with the Authority using the Class Licence Registration Form.


Procedures for Equipment Certification for the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors. PDF Icon

Equipment Certification Application Form PDF Icon