The Authority is responsible for facilitating the orderly development of both the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Sectors. 
Some of its functions in the regulation of Telecommunications include:
Granting licences and making recommendations to the Minister on the granting of concessions;
Classifying telecommunications networks and services;
Determining universal service obligations throughout Trinidad and Tobago to ensure that all citizens have access to telecommunications services
Establishing national telecommunications and broadcasting industry standards;
Advising the Minister on technical standards and policies governing the telecommunications and broadcasting industries and issues arising at international, regional and national levels;
Ensuring compliance with the ITU Convention;
Planning, supervising, regulating and managing the use of the radio frequency spectrum including:

The licence and registration of radio frequencies and call signs to be used by all stations operating in Trinidad and Tobago or on any ship, aircraft, or other vessel or satellite registered in Trinidad and Tobago;

The allocation, assignment and reallocation or reassignment of frequency bands where necessary;

Managing and administering telephone numbers;

Testing and certifying telecommunications and broadcasting equipment to ensure compliance with (i) international standards (ii) environmental health and safety standards, including electromagnetic radiation and emissions.