In accordance with the universal service regulations, the access gap is defined as those geographic areas where it is not economically feasible for a concessionaire to establish networks and services.

The list of communities with areas within the access gap in Trinidad and Tobago shall be used to guide entities eligible to submit proposals for projects to be considered as contractual universal service initiatives, in accordance with regulation 18 of the Telecommunications (Universal Service) Regulations.

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (the Authority) has prepared a list of communities in Trinidad and Tobago in which there are areas within the access gap.

This list was prepared using the results of the 2013 digital divide survey and updated based on coverage information requested and provided by the public telecommunications service providers and verification exercises conducted by the Authority.

The Authority has completed a digital inclusion survey 2021. The list will be further updated pursuant to a review of the results on this survey.

Community Name

Deep Ravine/Clear Water 428
Dibe/Belle Vue
Fifth Company
Grand Lagoon
Grand Riviere

La Laja
La Savanne
L’Anse Noire
L’Anse Fourmi
Las Cuevas (including Rincon Village)
Lopinot Village

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