Girls in ICT 2022

About Girls in ICT Day 2022

TATT will host the “Tech4Girls: Masterclass on How to Build Your Online Personal Brand! on Saturday 30th, 2022 to commemorate Girls in ICT Day.

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Building a strong personal brand on social media takes more than an attractive professional profile picture and a witty tagline. At the “Tech4Girls: Masterclass in How to Build Your Online Personal Brand” intensive masterclass workshop, participants will learn how to craft and develop compelling profiles and content that resonate with their targeted audiences.

Why Attend?

Participants will learn how to effectively optimise online personal branding to create a consistent, powerful, and authentic brand voice. At this workshop participants will learn how to successfully define and communicate who they are across all digital platforms in order to increase their brand awareness and engagement.

Benefits of Workshops

  • Increase brand awareness for yourself/your company.
  • Effectively communicate who you are and why that matters to entities such as potential customers, clients, and stakeholders.
  • Build credibility within your career/ industry/ market/ field.

Tech4Girls: Masterclass in How to Build Your Online Personal brand Workshop

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Learning Objectives

  • To understand online personal branding and its importance.
  • Develop the capacity to build a roadmap on the core elements of a personal brand.
  • Learn techniques on how to build and maintain a strong personal brand offline and online.
  • Learn how to connect your personal brand to your company.
  • Develop strategies to promote your personal brand.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Females, ages 18 years and older
  • Must have access to a laptop/computer and the Internet.
  • Open to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago only.


Competition Requirements
Girls in ICT 2022
Tech for Girls 2022 – Toolkit
How to build your online personal brand – E Workbook
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